Portfolio and About Me

Quick Intro!

Who is Clay Thornton or Clayton Thornton, well that's what you will learn by visiting and navigating through my website, 1st and foremost I am a Christian and Happily Married!

I am self employed and manage 1 full time company as this Vision continues helping people the best I can and if it is God's Will for me to continue.

I absolutely love website design and marketing, I have been blessed with the gift of creating specialties online for people, if you have a vision but not sure how you need it created just let me know and I will put it together for you. I am very easy to work with, despite a few clients who just didn't understand or wanted something for nothing, Google my business and you will see this review.

As I said above I can work with anyone except those who don't know how to provide content and can't tell me what they do for a business but still expect a website to be created. Moving forward I am dedicated and will work any day except Sunday's on websites and marketing, yes I even have been known to work on vacations!

The bottom line is I am dedicated to helping people in anyway I possibly can!

Hobbies and More

  • Studying God's Word
  • Church (Member of FBC Madison)
  • Family Time
  • College Football (HailState)
  • NFL (WHODAT and a Cowboys fan because of Dak)
  • March Madness
  • Web Design
  • Computers
  • Technology Diehard
  • Helping Others
  • Cars (Thanks to the rudeness of those in my area I am no longer in the car scene)
  • Photography
  • Home Theater
  • Car Audio (Yes I am 50+ years old shopping for a small system for my Jeep)
  • Studying Google Trends in Marketing
  • I love to do research for fun or to help someone
  • Vacationing (Destin Florida, Madison, Ala, Biloxi Ms, New Orleans
  • Playing with out 3 four legged children, Bella, Gizmo and Prancer (they will have a dedicated page as well as a gallery)
  • Best for Last spending time with my Awesome Wife!